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There must be a better way to cast your vote for president

November 20, 2012


I pay my bills online through my local bank account. When I want to make a deposit into my brokerage account, I snap a picture of the check on my phone. A click of a button and large sums of money move through cyberspace. I place investment trades online, and I shop online, inputting my […]

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The process, which is what is important, is beyond reproach

October 22, 2012

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I am hopping mad! Jack Welch and others have taken to the air waves suggesting the latest economic data on jobs has been manipulated. They have no evidence, but that hasn’t stopped them from claiming that government information has been “cooked.” Such an accusation reveals an ignorance of the collection and calculation of such data […]

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Here’s some surprising news on who is receiving those evil stimulus dollars

June 15, 2012


Mississippi is a red state. Blood red. Come November, there will be no doubt which column our 6 electoral votes slide into. In fact, blue people are wasting their time going to the polls. Mississippi is no swing state, not even close! Head into any barber shop or beauty shop (not in the African American […]

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Why do I pay a higher percentage in taxes than Gov. Romney?

February 9, 2012


So, I wondered how much my average or effective tax rate was. All this talk of Gov. Mitt Romney’s millions and his low tax rate of 14 percent made me pull out my tax returns from the last two years. We have a good income, better than most in the state, but we’re not even […]

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