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Best fiscal choice for state tax commission is to be in Jackson

February 14, 2013

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Nancy Anderson, MBJ contributing columnist

I really want the State Tax Commission to stay in Clinton. Really I do. As a Clintonian, I understand the value added by having this large group of people in town every day. They add measurably to the town’s economy, but it’s also a sign of status to have this government agency within our borders. […]

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Here’s some surprising news on who is receiving those evil stimulus dollars

June 15, 2012


Mississippi is a red state. Blood red. Come November, there will be no doubt which column our 6 electoral votes slide into. In fact, blue people are wasting their time going to the polls. Mississippi is no swing state, not even close! Head into any barber shop or beauty shop (not in the African American […]

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Deadbeat old people are really dragging the U.S. into the pits

December 21, 2011


I love reading letters to the editor from all over the country. A recent local letter was titled “Entitlements making America collapse.” The author said “entitlements is a dirty word,” and reported that 50 percent of Americans are receiving some form of entitlement. He was convinced these were all a bunch of deadbeats. In 1950, […]

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Doing my best to help the struggling global economy

December 15, 2011


The retail season started with a bang, as traditional retailers added 6.6 percent to their sales from last year. Online retailers are picking up steam that is fueled not just by improvements in economic trends. More and more, we are shopping from our computers. While the big shopping day for traditional retailers is Friday, the […]

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No law needed for language of business

December 9, 2011


Thanksgiving week found us traveling through the Arizona desert. My dad had been wanting to take a trip to the Grand Canyon. At 83, he needed our help to make the journey. We had never seen the canyon, so this seemed like a good family trip. We flew into Phoenix and rented a car for […]

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