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Hey Guv, maybe it’s old men, not working women, ruining our kids’ education

June 4, 2013


Nancy Anderson, MBJ contributing columnist

My daughter will be 32 this summer, but she’s still my baby. I’m just so proud of her. Recently, she let me read a proposal she had written for academic research. I was astounded by her command of the English language and her ability to communicate an idea… especially since she had the disadvantage of […]

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Bubbas’ gun-toatin’ teacher law makes Mississippi look foolish again

February 27, 2013


Nancy Anderson, MBJ contributing columnist

Bubba strikes again! Our House of Representatives here in Mississippi recently passed a bill allowing ANY school employee to carry a gun on school grounds. From the Lunch Lady to Joe the Janitor, they’ll all be armed. This could be the break the homeschoolers were looking for. Junior didn’t do his homework? Forget detention. Now […]

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Madison mayor wrong to try and keep Jackson State on the outside looking in

February 5, 2013

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Clinton is the only small town in the Metro Jackson area that boasts a four year college. Mississippi College is one of the oldest institutes of higher learning in the country. Take a drive some evening to Clinton. As you exit I-20, you’ll head north on the Parkway. Topping the hill, you’ll see the college […]

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It’s time to admit we have to change ways

January 12, 2012


While the jobs numbers are improving, it’s not enough, especially here in Mississippi. We have long fought the battle to bring jobs to the state. OUR numbers have been against us: low scores on our education system, high numbers on the dropout rate, high poverty rates, low growth in population, limits on urban areas. This […]

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Will technology kill the classroom experience?

August 28, 2011


Education is a business. And this business gets more competitive each year. Public colleges in the State of Mississippi are governed by boards. Each institution is limited to a certain geographical section of the state. The idea was to provide educational services to citizens in a particular locale. While private colleges don’t operate under these […]

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