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Governor, a beneficiary of government health insurance, is obtuse when it comes to healthcare

January 29, 2013

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Nancy Anderson, MBJ contributing columnist

My first husband was 32 when he was diagnosed with cancer. Eighteen months later, he took his last breath. As sad as that is, it could have been worse. At the time, he worked for Packard Electric and was a GM employee. Thankfully, it was the old GM with great health benefits. Looking back, I […]

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Chaney wasted no time putting state out front

November 20, 2012


While other state insurance commissioners sat around twiddling their thumbs, Mike Chaney moved forward with developing a framework for the private insurance exchanges for health insurance. Based on the headlines, I had assumed such work had ground to a halt, but I ran into someone intimately involved with the work who told me different. As […]

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It appears health care just now getting the memo on business

October 29, 2012


I don’t understand why doctors have special parking spaces near the front door, while their barely ambulatory patients have to park in the back 40. My investment company is a service business. As such, we are constantly trying to improve our customer service. We return calls promptly. We put customer concerns at the top of […]

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