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Mississippi’s legislature should be more like New Hampshire’s

July 11, 2013


Nancy Anderson, MBJ contributing columnist

Mississippi’s State Legislature finally wrapped up the year’s business. Whoop-te-do! It only took a regular session plus a specially called session. And what did they accomplish? Next to nothing. Unemployment is still high. Our education system is still lagging. We’re at the bottom of every economic list, but, by golly, we can go to the […]

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Y’all can have bunch of fun marching, but I’ve got stuff to do

October 28, 2011


I’ve been watching Ken Burns’ show “Prohibition” on PBS. It details how activism gets translated into policy and is a fascinating story. In the 1880s, women fueled the temperance movement. They were concerned about the effect of strong drink on their husbands. These women organized and gathered in front of saloons, kneeling and praying for […]

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