Work, work, work

September 30, 2010


No time for much else but work this past week, so no midday runs made it into my schedule. I even put in some work hours this past Saturday and Sunday. While I have been keeping up with my P90X workouts at night, starting today I will be taking a 4 day break from that.

Because of all the time I’ve been in front of the computer and some of my P90 workouts, I had a small flare up of my rheumatoid arthritis in my shoulders and right wrist. Nothing major, just hoping to give it some rest.

I will put in four good running days to see where my base fitness is for starting my half-marathon training. I’ve been getting plenty of cardio in thanks to P90X but now is the time to start hitting the pavement.

And how perfect that the weather has cooled off.

Don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten about uploading my training schedule as well as some info on full marathon training as well. I’ll have it up and easy to access in the next four days. So make sure to check back.

Questions and comments are welcome!

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  1. Next Minded Says:

    So when’s the Mississippi Business Journal going to start its own running club? Seems like bunch of y’all are pounding pavement these days … Maybe y’all could get a sponsor?

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