Figuring out the hard way

October 13, 2010


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that training for a marathon or half-marathon is a lot of work. Then adding a 6-day a week workout routine on top of that, some may say it is too much. I believe that we never really know what our bodies are capable of until we push them to their limits.

In my attempt to do P90X and train for the half, I’m realizing that I may need to modify my regimen. It seems to be too taxing on my body to run AND complete an hour long P90X routine in one day. I was hoping that reducing the number of days that I ran a week (from the normal 6 back to 3 or 4) would help. Looks like I may have to stretch out the P90X process and have some in-between days scheduled to ONLY run. Just like Tony Horton stresses in his workouts, “Modify, modify, modify – if you need.”

As a take a day off to rest my ailing left hip, I plan on getting a new “modified” plan sketched out. Anyone out there trying to take on this type of dual exercise regimen?

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