When to buy new running shoes

October 22, 2010


One important thing to remember when training for a half marathon or any other longer distance race is to wear a good pair of shoes. For those of you who have never run a race over 6 miles, you may think that that old pair of sneakers you have in the closet will work fine. That may not be true.

Injuries are what you are trying to avoid when training for greater distances. Running in old worn out shoes may cause shin splints, joint pain or just general muscle fatigue. While researching the topic online, I’ve noticed it is believed that you should replace your shoes every 300-400 miles. This number can differ depending on your how your foot lands when you run (check out this link with video), your body weight and the surface you run on (concrete, sand, grass, track, etc). Since I also have to consider my arthritis, I am keenly aware of joint pain. While I may have flare ups here and there with my RA, if I have joint pain for more than 3-4 days, to me, that is another indication that I may have a wore out pair of shoes. 

Heavier runners should look to replace their shoes closer to the front end of 300-400 mile parameter. Same with those who run on rough terrain. It is just a good thing to be aware of. If you are a smaller framed runner, you may be able to log in closer to 400 miles on your pair before needing a new one.

This is a good reason to keep a log of your training runs. Doing this helps you keep track of what you are doing like what days you had a good run, what the weather was like, and when you bought that last pair of shoes. Some people even write down they purchase date of their shoes on the tongue or other part of the shoe. 

I personally think that buying a new pair of running shoes is a great motivator. Who doesn’t love putting on a new pair of shoes. Makes you wanna go out and run a 10-miler, right?

Look for another post next week that will provide more information on how to make your running shoes last longer.

NOTE: Now some people don’t buy into all the hype of the super cushion running shoes and feel the companies making running shoes and athletic shoes in general. I hope to provide a blog post in the future with more on this topic. For the time being check out this link from RunnersWorld on the minimalist running shoes. If you have an opinion about it, please comment.

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