Prefer to run alone or with a buddy?

November 1, 2010


Everyone has a different attitude regarding this topic. Some enjoy their run as time away from work, stress, kids, or just people in general. Others enjoy running as a more social activity. Loving the chance to chat, gossip or just catch up with each other. And others may look forward to running with music – taking the opportunity to really get into a CD or particular song. Maybe it pumps them up to pick up their pace or motivates them to keep it up until the end of a song.

For me, it depends on the day. Right now, I really need to meet up with a buddy to run since I’m finding it harder lately to follow through with some of my training runs. Having to meet someone makes me accountable for getting out and hitting the road. If I wimp out or don’t feel like it they can help motivate me to do it anyway.

I also really enjoy a solitary run with my iPod shuffle. Music has always been a huge motivator for me. Back in college having music was sometimes the sole reason I would get out and train over the summers for soccer season in the fall. In fact, back then I ran with a Walkman. Yes, those things that played cassette tapes. I spent hours making mix tapes with upbeat music to keep me going when it was extremely humid and temps were in the upper 90’s and sometimes 100’s. If I focused on my music, I didn’t think about the weather or the pain. Well, at least to some degree.

What is your preference? Whether you prefer to run alone or run with a friend, just get out there and run. You always feel better when you’re finished. Vote now. I’d love to hear your feedback.

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One Response to “Prefer to run alone or with a buddy?”

  1. Electus Stewart Says:

    I have typically run the streets alone. I’ve noticed the intensity of the run is stronger when running alone as conversation can be distracting. It seems mostly everyone has bad knees or prefer running a treadmill.

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