How does time change affect running?

November 9, 2010


With this lovely weather and the recent time change, I’ve decided to step out today for a late afternoon lunch run. While fall and winter are my favorite times of year to run, the one thing I am not a fan of is darkness coming earlier.

In the past, whether running with a friend or on my own, I’ve always made sure to have a reflector vest and/or a head lamp when running after 5pm. It is also a good idea to run in areas with sidewalks or running paths. I used to meet a friend to run at night on the levees in Pearl. This was perfect. We had no traffic to worry with and the headlamps provided necessary light to see the path. Not all of us have the luxury of running on a levee or paved running path/trail like the one in Ridgeland. If I don’t run during the day at work, I try to stick to my neighborhood when running alone at night. I’m familiar with the streets and know where the best lit areas are.

Here are some other running tips I use when running at night.┬áMake sure to always be on the defensive. Never assume drivers are paying attention to you. Wear light colored clothing AND/or reflective gear of some type. You want to make sure and been seen as easily as possible by drivers. Run on the left side of the road – against traffic – so you can react to any on-coming cars.

Others who do not like running at night opt to get up early and run before work since it is lighter much earlier. I am not a morning person so the chances of me getting up earlier to run are slim to none. I save those early rising mornings for race days.

Are you a morning or evening runner? Would love to hear your feedback.

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2 Responses to “How does time change affect running?”

  1. Ross Reily Says:

    I don’t like running early either … but with kids and wife and other stuff to do in the afternoons, I am relegated to either late at night (after 9) or early in the morning (before 5). … Unfortunately, this morning was before 5, but that works out because I can go home and play with the kids instead of missing time with them.

    Tacy is right. It’s individual and you have to make it work for you. … I carry a small flashlight with me instead of the headlamp. …

  2. Virginia Hodges Says:

    I like to run early in the morning in the summer and fall when it is still cool before the day heats up. It is nice to get your run done early and be done for the day but I too am not a morning person. But in the winter and spring when it is cold in the morning I like to run in the afternoon after work. I went to Fleet Feet Saturday and bought a reflective vest and I run in the neighborhood at night where I know the streets. But my biggest weakness is I love to listen to music when I run alone.

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