The Relay is On

January 5, 2011


My original intention was to run the Mississippi Blues half marathon. I began my training months ago but ran into some injuries that have led me to modify my plans. Since I didn’t feel comfortable running 13.1 miles right now, I’ve have put together a relay team to take on the full marathon this Saturday.

The team consists of 5 people. Four of us will run 5 miles and one will take on the last leg and run 6.2 miles. We will carry a time chip that will be passed on to each teammate at the end of each relay leg. I really like the option to do the marathon in relay format. It gives a lot of people who might not ready for 13.1 or 26.2 miles, or just more likely to run shorter distances, a chance to be a part of a great thing here in the state’s capital.

I found 4 other friends to join me and felt the need to come up with a good team name. ‘Team Tacy’ just wasn’t going to cut it. So with the brainstorming help of some friends, an idea was born. Since this marathon is blues based, our team name will be taken from the Mississippi Blues musician, James ‘Super Chikan’ Johnson (click to learn more about him).

Funny thing about registering the team with it’s new name. I looked up the proper way to spell the Super Chikan because I figured it most likely wouldn’t be just “Chicken”. But even after doing so, I happened to still type incorrectly into the online registration form. I put in Team Super Chickan and didn’t realize it until after I hit submit.

Feeling “not-so-bright” I decided to see what I could do.  I contacted the website I registered with,, and the Mississippi Blues Marathon website to see if a change could be made. I felt silly doing it, but I typed up emails with my request and they were both very quick to respond. It was too late to make the change in the database with so our team’s bibs will have the name spelled incorrectly, but I was told by a contact from that he could make the spelling change so that ‘Team Super Chikan’ would show up in the results at the EXPO. Whew!

I realize that most people would not have bothered with trying to get the name changed, but I felt obligated. With my name being somewhat different, I can appreciate it when it is actually spelled correctly. I’m usually called anything but Tacy. And I definitely wanted to give that respect to James ‘Super Chikan’ Johnson.



Check out to listen to his music and also see more of his custom guitar artwork.

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