Much more fun with friends

January 11, 2011


The marathon relay was an absolute blast! I really enjoyed running my 5-mile portion of the relay but following my teammates on their sections of the course turned out to be hectic, fun and tiring.

I ran the second leg of the course and then drove around town maneuvering closed streets and slow-moving stoplights to find spots to cheer on my teammates and other runners I knew on the course. I think I ran an additional mile and a half when frantically trying to get around to different checkpoints throughout the marathon course.

As a relay, our team consisted of 5 people. The first four of us completed 5-mile runs with hand-offs at the 5 mile, 10 mile, 15 mile and 20 mile. The last leg of the run received the ‘chip’ at the 20-mile marker and she ran the final 6.2 miles to the finish. We all met close to the 26-mile mark and together ran uphill, mind you, on Capitol Street across the finish line. Our finish time was 4 hours 18 minutes plus a few seconds. Not too bad for such a hilly course. We each got a finisher medal and had team photographs taken all the while grabbing water and food that was provided at the finish line and on the muddy, grassy lawn next to the Old Capitol Museum. In the background you heard blues music and even an Elvis impersonator. Fitting since Saturday was his birthday.

Congratulations to all those who participated in the race. Our own MBJ Editor Ross Reily completed his first full marathon in great time – 3 hours 56 minutes. Nice job Ross!!

Check out images and results from the race here.

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