CARTOON: Mike Chaney explains Affordable Care Act

by Chuck McIntosh Published: May 31,2013

Tags: Affordable Care Act, Chuck McIntosh, healthcare, Mike Chaney

Doctors concerned about Affordable Care Act may decide to simply retire

by Becky Gillette Published: December 14,2012

Tags: Affordable Care Act, Dwalia South, Mississippi State Medical Association, Obamacare

Recent polling indicates as many as 83 percent of doctors across the country are unhappy with the Affordable Care Act and some doctors are even saying that it will result in them retiring early. In states like Mississippi with shortages of physicians, that could make a bad situation worse. There was discussion before the election […]

GOP governors on Affordable Care Act: We want guidance but White House won’t tell

by Ted Carter Published: November 21,2012

Tags: Barack Obama, healthcare, Mississippi, Mississippi Business Journal

In a letter to President Obama from the Republican Governors Association last week, the GOP governors congratulated Obama on his re-election but wasted no time getting to the reason for the letter: Mr. President, your Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) “will be an enormous strain on state governments and budgets.” Deadlines are a […]

Mississippi takes first steps to take part in Affordable Care Act — Move comes as Gov. Bryant continues to resist state’s full participation in health care reform

by Ted Carter Published: November 21,2012

Tags: healthcare, Mike Chaney, Mississippi, Mississippi Business Journal, Phil Bryant

The very thing Gov. Phil Bryant had hoped not to see occurred last week: Mississippi Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney submitted the state’s plan for a health insurance exchange to the federal government, moving the state closer to participation in President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Chaney calls his submittal a blueprint for a free market exchange […]

Affordable Care Act’s taxing nature poorly hidden

Pepper Crutcher, a labor and employment law attorney in Balch & Bingham’s Jackson office, finished reading Chief Justice John G. Roberts’ opinion on the Affordable Care Act by mid-morning of its June 28 issuance. One clear conclusion, according to Crutcher, is that Roberts knows a tax when he sees one. Call Obamacare’s health-care mandate whatever […]

Wicker introduces Making Health Care More Affordable Act

by Becky Gillette Published: June 23,2008


Musgrove questions costs, potential savings

ALAN TURNER: Healthcare taking a toll on business

by Alan Turner Published: January 17,2014

Tags: Business, column, healthcare, Mississippi

T he ongoing level of turmoil in the health care world is beginning to take a toll on business in Mississippi, and throughout the United States. The primary culprit in this scenario appears to be anxiety, i.e., a general fear and uncertainty about the long-term impact on businesses and employees. From a business point of […]

Board hears of potential higher costs due to health care reform

PURVIS — Lamar County Board of Supervisors has received a presentation on the potential impact of the Affordable Care Act. Officials say the county could be paying 10 percent to 15 percent more because of fees and taxes associated with health care law. The Hattiesburg American reports that could mean an increase of $350,000 to […]

Town given Obamacare insurance break, but faces additional costs in 2015

SUMMIT — An insurance agent told Summit officials they will get a one-year reprieve from new regulations under the Affordable Care Act for employee health care benefits, but the mandates will likely translate into additional costs in 2015. Other small towns can likely expect to hear similar news, The Enterprise-Journal reports. Ricky Johnston of the […]

Bryant wants to give hospitals funds to offset health care reform

JACKSON — Gov. Phil Bryant is proposing the state give Mississippi hospitals $4.4 million to offset an expected loss of federal funds due to the Affordable Care Act. Under the federal health care law, over a period of years the reimbursement to hospitals for treating people with no health care coverage will be reduced. The […]

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