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High Heeled Hippie gets back to the roots of organic, eco-friendly farming

Peyton Collins was horrified when a little girl told her she thought spaghetti grew on trees. The Clinton wife, mother and compulsive gardener says its a sad irony that despite Mississippi’s agrarian roots, it is losing its grip on good food and farming at the consumer level. “I think its just stunning that we have the land and agriculture heritage ...

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Small Business Spotlight: Dirty Hippie Soaps

‘Disgusting’ project now thriving venture: Mississippi family cleans up in soap biz A plan to create homemade soap for Christmas gifts went awry for two sisters and their mother, but the adventure later led to a successful family business. “My mom and sister were in Michaels or another craft store, and my mom saw a book on making soap. She said, ...

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DAVID DALLAS — Big Money, meet Bernie Sanders

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)

When a young, unknown Senator from Illinois named Barrack Obama decided to run for the U.S. President in 2008, he got a lot of money from some peculiar groups, primarily from the U.S. financial industry. These groups had just sent the American economy into a tailspin. They knew there would be no way the American people would elect another Republican ...

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DAVID DALLAS — Just how long can Dan stand?

Mississippi’s Board of Trustees for the Institutions of Higher Learning, IHL, wants all of the Dan Jones hullabaloo to blow over. They are hoping spring will take its natural course on those protesting Ole Miss student bodies. Then the IHL Board can get back to operating in their usual anonymity where they are much safer. They’ve looked pretty silly out ...

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Gautier artist turns sketches of dolls into cottage industry

By Tammy Leytham    GAUTIER — Micah Nelson came from a line of “awesome seamstresses,” but didn’t take advantage of learning the craft when she had the chance. She wishes now she had. Sewing skills would come in handy in her cottage industry of making and selling dolls, Magnolia Fox Studios. “I learn as I go,” she said. “When I see ...

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Square Pizza makes national ranking of college town eateries

OXFORD — Cheap pizza is the go-to food for college students, and 50 of the best college town pizza shops have been picked for a tasty, new article. A list of “50 Great (and Mostly Cheap!) College Town Pizza Shops” is now on the website of Great Value Colleges. One Mississippi pizza shop, Square Pizza of Oxford, made the ranking ...

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Lost Pizza discovered — Restaurateurs begin franchising

In 2007, longtime friends Brooks Roberts and Preston Lott opened a unique, small restaurant in the Delta city of Indianola with no plans past that one eatery. But Lost Pizza Co.’s menu and campy atmosphere has quickly won patrons, and today the partners are casting their eyes on ever-expanding horizons. “We never intended to open another restaurant,” Roberts said. “Lost ...

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BOOK BIZ: Enjoy English wit and adventure with Aunt Augusta

The late English writer Graham Greene was a true wordsmith who could turn a simple phrase into a magical sentence. In Travels with My Aunt he is in good form and at his most entertaining. It’s humorous in the dry-English-wit style. I’m a fan of Greene’s writing but had missed this book until recently. The author said of this book, ...

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St. Andrew's Arts on the Green is Friday, Saturday

Ridgeland’s St. Andrew’s Episcopal School will hold its annual Arts on the Green: Learning by Design on April 20. The festival will run from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission is free. More than 25 artists will be selling art, including paintings, jewelry, fused glass, and nesting dolls. » Read about Arts on The Green contributor “The High Heeled Hippie” getting back ...

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