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C Spire trots out its 5G technology

By JACK WEATHERLY C Spire publicly tested its 5G ultra-fast fixed-wireless technology on Tuesday, and brought along an FCC commissioner to cheer it on. Brendan Carr, is in the 3-2 Republican majority that overturned the Obama-era imposition of rules intended to ensure a level Internet playing field and protection of consumers. Instead, Carr has said, the opposite happened. Investment and ...

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TODD SMITH: 7 technologies to watch in 2018

Blistering fast wireless networks, digital assistants everywhere, and a coming out bash for augmented reality. These and other technologies are worth keeping an eye on in 2018, according to USA TODAY. There is sure to be more digital innovations on the horizon in 2018! All of these new technologies will leverage advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence in a ...

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