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JEFFREY GITOMER — What is the key that unlocks the sale?

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Is there a one word answer to making more sales happen? YES! Probing? Listening? Presenting? Talking? Assessing? Pain? Objections? Closing? Manipulating? The key to selling is not probing, listening, presenting, talking, assessing, pain, objections, and especially not manipulating. The key that unlocks sales is harmonizing. But you’d never know that from most salespeople’s actions. Selling is about understanding the other ...

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JOSH MABUS — Are you a duck or a hunter?


I can work with someone who has different tastes than I have. I can work with someone who has different ideas about marketing. One thing I will never do is go duck hunting with someone who thinks they’re a duck. I had a particular type of meeting this week that is, thankfully, becoming more of a rarity with each year ...

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JOSH MABUS: You are advertising to fewer idiots than ever before


My daughters and I were getting a head start on back-to-school shopping at the mall recently when one of them brought me a new pair of jeans she wanted. They fit great, and they looked like they might even hold up through an entire school year, but when I looked at the price tag, I felt a little dumb. They ...

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JEFFREY GITOMER: The proposal and the sale are miles apart

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Sounds good, send me a proposal.” How many times have you heard that? Too many. So you run back to your office, put together a proposal, send it to the prospect, and start the follow-up process (and the prayer vigil). Or do you? REALITY: The sale should be solidified BEFORE the proposal is written. Your proposal should be the essence ...

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TODD SMITH: Newspaper ads triple campaign success


Forget their differing opinions on marriage, home ownership, and politics – the most telling differences between younger and older generations is how they prefer to get their news. A new Pew Research Center’s survey on modern news consumption trends, conducted in partnership with the Knight Foundation, shows that, when it comes to news consumption, the old and young look very ...

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JEFFREY GITOMER: The non-secret formula that makes a great salesperson

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What makes salespeople great? What makes salespeople successful? What characteristics make up a sales superstar? Wouldn’t you like to know the answer to these questions? So would every salesperson. So would every sales leader. So would every person who hires a salesperson. By understanding what criteria sales managers and business owners look for in a salesperson, you may be able ...

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JEFFREY GITOMER: The most coveted prize in selling besides a sale … is a referral


Everyone tells you to get referrals. And most people tell you to “ask” for them. “Don’t forget to ask for a referral.” Horrible strategy. Totally offensive for the most part. Borderline rude. And asking the same customer twice is a death wish. MY DEFINITION OF A REFERRAL: A name and contact information provided proactively by someone you have a relationship ...

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JOSH MABUS: Make your brand move

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Mr. Samir Husni, a well-known University of Mississippi journalism instructor, once gave a talk on the state of magazines in the digital age. In his assessment, the effects of digital publishing would most impact print magazines with the lowest quality content. Husni argued that magazines with the best content would emerge mostly unfazed. He pointed to Playboy — a magazine ...

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TODD SMITH: CDC launches comprehensive Zika communications plan


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is pushing hard to spread the word about Zika, the first new cause of birth defects identified by the CDC in 50 years and the first time ever that the cause has been spread by mosquitos. CDC communications professionals are working side-by-side with scientists and emergency responders as the Zika hazard grows. And ...

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