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TODD SMITH — AP Stylebook 2016 updates: media, emoji & normcore, oh my!


OK, we have officially stopped capitalizing internet and web, according to a recent announcement from the Associated Press. Last week those words finally became lowercase – as they should have been all along – In the release of the 2016 AP Stylebook. There are some important additions and updates to reflect our transforming, multi-tasking, social and digital world: » media ...

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Your prospect will signal you when they’re ready to buy

ADVERTISING word cloud, business concept

Billy, pay attention!” That was your first listening lesson. Probably delivered when you were too young to pay attention. Fast forward 20 something years (or more) and you’re STILL not listening. Your customer is telling you he or she is somewhere between “interested” and “ready” in your sales conversation, and you’re pressing to “overcome” some bogus objection because your focus ...

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JOSH MABUS — Swipe right or keep scrolling!? OMG! IDK!

MABUS Tinder-rgb

Think about the time in high school you had a crush on two people and couldn’t decide whom to ask to the prom. No? Maybe you were more like me. You couldn’t get up the nerve to ask someone out because you had to (gasp!) speak to him/her. Now imagine someone handing you an app and saying, “Here millions of ...

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JOSH MABUS — Hanging up on old paradigms

MABUS Hang Up-rgb

A recent GEICO commercial depicts Tarzan and Jane fighting over directions as they navigate the jungle treetops in search of a particular waterfall. “I think we should have taken a left at the river,” Jane implores as the two clinch a vine and observe the jungle from a tree branch. “Tarzan know where Tarzan go,” the king of the jungle ...

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JEFFREY GITOMER — The relationship edge … Are you on it, in it, or over it?

Innovation, idea

Beginning a relationship is easy. Exploration is predominantly on the surface. Nothing too deep. Nothing too wide. Nothing too revealing. In the beginning, all is well. Friendships blossom. Feelings emerge. And life is good. It’s like fast dancing at a bar. You kind of get to know the other person without touching them. Watch them move, see their rhythm, exchange ...

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TODD SMITH — Pitch perfect: Five tips for reaching today’s modern media


Today’s world communicates at warp speed, and so do the journalists – creating the first draft of history 24/7. To reach the time-starved media, you must make your pitches sing, and stand out! Research is critical in creating the best content, perfecting a pitch, customizing the best media list and tailoring your outreach. For media success, you must strategically plan ...

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JOSH MABUS — Perception vs. Reality vs. Opinion

mabus tshirt

I’ve never gone along with the maxim: “Perception is reality.” The fact that reality is reality keeps me going every day. If I have to start accounting for versions of the truth, I’ll likely hang up my tool belt and quietly retire to a cabin in the woods. Opinion, though — opinion is a strong force. It can’t affect reality, ...

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JOSH MABUS — Ad blockers are not the enemy, bad storytelling is

MABUS Ad Blocker_feature_rgb

I’ve seen a lot of large media companies and corporations whining about ad blockers lately. As a marketer, I’m expected to be the anti-ad blocker — the guy who creates a new scheme to overcome the technological defenses that protect our eyes from the incursion of epilepsy-inducing ads. The truth is, I have to disable my own ad blocker to ...

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