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Magnolia Health to expand exchange coverage to all 82 counties


By JACK WEATHERLY Magnolia Health Care will offer insurance in all 82 of Mississippi’s counties through the federal insurance exchange starting Jan. 1, state Health Commissioner Mike Chaney said Thursday. The news comes as UnitedHealthcare will pull out from the exchange at the end of the year. The insurer, which had expanded its coverage to all counties this year, announced its ...

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FOCUS ON HEALTH INSURANCE — Affordable Care Act ‘confusing’, but businesses and individuals advised to not delay action

Affordable Care Act. Keyboard

By BECKY GILLETTE  Confused about what you need to do to comply with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA)? You are not alone. Both individuals and business owners might not be fully aware of what to do, and how to do it, to prevent potential tax penalties. “What is the trickiest part is regulations have continued ...

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Employers struggle with handling benefits packages in-house or out


By LISA MONTI With employees come benefits packages and with benefits come ever-changing layers of regulations handed down by government agencies. Does a business owner tap an employee to deal with administering the programs or look to hire someone outside the organization to handle it? That’s where third party administrators come to the rescue in various scenarios. Scott Moak, vice president ...

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MARTY WISEMAN – Republican candidates and the Affordable Care Act: the plot thickens

With each passing day, the anticipation of the first debate among the 15 or 16 Republican presidential candidates grows more intense.  Under the Fox format only the top 10 will make onto the stage.  Where would we political junkies be without Donald Trump?  When the GOP hopefuls stormed out of the blocks one could fairly easily guess what the major ...

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Self-insurer group gets boost from Obamacare


With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act — often referred to as Obamacare — membership is growing in the Mississippi Association of Self-Insurers. The association was founded in 1996 because at that time many associations in Mississippi were struggling to find workers compensation coverage. To name a few, the Mississippi Trucking Association, the Automobile Dealers Association, the Association of ...

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DAVID DALLAS — Just how long can Dan stand?

Mississippi’s Board of Trustees for the Institutions of Higher Learning, IHL, wants all of the Dan Jones hullabaloo to blow over. They are hoping spring will take its natural course on those protesting Ole Miss student bodies. Then the IHL Board can get back to operating in their usual anonymity where they are much safer. They’ve looked pretty silly out ...

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Analysis: Closed meetings can feed false public impressions

BY: JEFF AMY JACKSON — One lesson of the Dan Jones fiasco? While government boards in Mississippi can legally meet behind closed doors to discuss many issues, the public can be left dumbfounded when a board takes a major action that it’s never before discussed in an open meeting. College Board trustees held repeated discussions with University of Mississippi Chancellor ...

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BILL CRAWFORD: Dan Jones not the angel he is portrayed to be

“It was pride that changed angels into devils,” taught Saint Augustine.   Media reports on the controversy between Dr. Dan Jones, Chancellor of the University of Mississippi, and the IHL Board of Trustees have painted Dr. Jones as an angel and board members as devils. That is not a fair characterization. Good people serve on the board and Dr. Jones ...

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Ole Miss chancellor: Talks continue over job status

JACKSON — University of Mississippi Chancellor Dan Jones says he remains in talks over his job status, but he doesn’t expect an agreement Friday, despite trustees calling a meeting to discuss the situation. Jones, chancellor at Ole Miss since 2009, said he met face-to-face with Higher Education Commissioner Jim Borsig on Wednesday and Thursday. But he declined to discuss details of ...

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The Dan Jones-IHL saga: Is this the story that started it all?

In 2011, the Mississippi Business Journal published a story about Democratic strategist Jere Nash sending an email to Delta Council executive vice president Chip Morgan. In the email, which was included in the court file of James Hahn’s lawsuit against the Delta Health Alliance, Nash discusses ways to bring some combination of public and social embarrassment to former Ole Miss Chancellor Robert Khayat. ...

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