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BILL CRAWFORD: State flag conflict: morality vs. heritage

Former state GOP executive director, elected Republican official, and chief of staff to Kirk Fordice, Mississippi’s first Republican Governor, Andy Taggart has publicly challenged his party to step up and “lead the charge in finally removing from our state flag the representation of the Confederate battle flag.”    Saying such a move “will make a strong, moral statement” acknowledging “our ...

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BILL CRAWFORD: Conservative leadership, faith bind Taggart to Kasich

Andy Taggart’s commitment to chair Ohio Governor John Kasich’s presidential campaign in Mississippi should surprise no one. It’s a match made in … well, you’ll see.   Kasich has been described as a “brash, bare-knuckled” leader. Taggart served as chief-of-staff for Mississippi’s beloved brash, bare-knuckled governor, Kirk Fordice.   Kasich has strong credentials as an effective conservative leader (meaning he’s ...

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