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BILL CRAWFORD: Informed citizens guard against truth managers


  With insidious truth managers dominating social media, the Internet, the blogosphere, talk radio, and cable news, how can the average citizen uncover reality? Remember, insidious truth managers (an intentionally redundant phrase) are those willing to deliberately tailor “truth” to further their own ends. With the inundation of information we get from so many sources today, it gets harder and ...

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BILL CRAWFORD — Good leaders keep promises of government

open government

May the joy and hope of Christmas linger with you through the New Year.  Indeed, when things go awry during the coming year, it is the promise of Christmas that can see us through.   Let us hope that our state and legislative leaders will keep the promises of government to see us through the next year.   I left my ...

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BILL CRAWFORD — Underperforming state economy thumps state budget

economic development

Uh oh.  Money to fund Mississippi government is below target this year and will be less than expected next year.   So much for fully funding MAEP next year, or big tax cuts, or big funding increases for colleges, universities or other state agencies.   And this is a surprise?   Given all the tax cuts, rebates, and credits passed by ...

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BILL CRAWFORD — Will GOP strength result in politics or progress?

politics GOP

Voters gave Republicans greater control over the Mississippi Legislature. What will they do with this increased power… play politics or push for progress?   The last four years, with slightly less control, the Republican majority made fiscal progress by eliminating reliance on one-time funding for ongoing expenditures and slowing the upward trend in bonded indebtedness. They passed improvements to education such ...

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BILL CRAWFORD: Initiative 42 not what we need in Mississippi


The November vote on Initiative 42 is days away. Since it amends the state constitution, voters should carefully consider its long-term impacts. Unlike statutes that can be changed yearly, constitutional amendments last for many years. Initiative 42 advocates say a constitutional amendment is needed to force the Legislature to fully fund the Mississippi Adequate Education Program (MAEP). Most state leaders ...

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BILL CRAWFORD — Fed’s artificially low rates unfair to CD owners


Are you a senior citizen or other conservative saver frustrated with the low rates banks have been paying on CDs?  Since the Federal Reserve controls these rates, now may be the time for you to weigh in with your senator and congressman.   The Fed is charged by law “to promote effectively the goals of maximum employment, stable prices, and moderate ...

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BILL CRAWFORD — Initiative 42 may be a wolf in sheep’s clothing


At forums across the state held by Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann, proponents stubbornly argue that Initiative 42 is simply about getting the Mississippi Adequate Education Program (MAEP) fully funded. That’s what their petition said. That’s what their upcoming, expensive advertising campaign is likely to say.   But that’s not what their proposed constitutional amendment says:    “To protect each ...

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BILL CRAWFORD — Gov. Bryant serious about public contracting reforms


Gov. Phil Bryant continues to take seriously the reform of public contracting in Mississippi.    Last November, Bryant, responding to the contract scandal that erupted from the arrest of Corrections Commissioner Chris Epps, established a special task force to conduct a comprehensive review of the Mississippi Department of Corrections’ (MDOC) contracting and procurement processes.     In December, the five-member task ...

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