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JACK WEATHERLY — Nashville: city of big britches

The 130,000-square-foot building has 40,000 square feet of exhibit space and also performance venues.

NASHVILLE – This city reminds me of Atlanta 30 years ago. We moved from Little Rock to Atlanta where I had landed a job with the Journal-Constitution, the biggest paper in the Southeast. We were struck by the perpetual motion machine – driving, building and dealing. For the past decade or longer, Nashville has taken on the mantle of a new ...

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Keeping our eye on … Andrew Neely

On most resumes, “previous work experience” probably doesn’t include teaching English in Costa Rica. That’s exactly what Andrew Neely did for a year and a half after college. “I taught to all kinds of business professionals and everyday folks wanting to improve their language skills,” Neely says. The experience gave the Jackson native an interest in international law, and after ...

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