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‘26’ backers see amendment as ‘kill shot’ to abortion in U.S.

Legal scholars who have studied the proposed “personhood” amendment to the Mississippi Constitution can agree on this: They have a much better idea of what the sweeping amendment could do than what it will do. They also agree that if passed Nov. 8, lawyers representing opponents of the anti-abortion measure will be in federal court the next day. They will ...

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'Personhood' campaign wants birth control out of the debate

Yes on 26 campaign director Brad Prewitt is quickly irritated at the mention of “birth control” and the possibility a Nov. 8 victory for his coalition’s “personhood” amendment would restrict doctors from prescribing contraceptives. His organization, he says, wants to outlaw abortion and the “morning after” pill in the state — not birth control or fertility clinics, though legal scholars ...

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Mississippi Medical Association: 'Personhood' initiative worries physicians

The Mississippi Medical Association says physicians could be placed in a “perilous position” by passage of a proposed amendment to the state constitution that defines life as beginning at fertilization. The Mississippi Medical Association insists it has not adopted a position on the so-called Initiative 26 but emphasized passage of the anti-abortion “personhood” amendment would change the way many Mississippi ...

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