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Carbon capture sequestration bill receives Barbour’s signature

The Mississippi Geologic Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide Act passed the Senate and last week received Gov. Haley Barbour’s signature. The bill, which was widely supported by the energy industry, says it is “in the public interest that… carbon dioxide be injected into and stored in oil and gas reservoirs and other geologic formations in a manner protective of waters of ...

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Southern Co. captures CO2 for first time ever

ATLANTA — Southern Company has captured carbon dioxide from one of its power plants for the first time. The research accomplishment was achieved this month at subsidiary Georgia Power’s Plant Yates near Newnan, Ga. The pilot-scale project at Plant Yates, which uses a capture system developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), will provide additional process improvements before the technology is ...

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ARI touts enhanced oil recovery, carbon capture/storage

The U.S. has a significant opportunity to increase its energy independence, slash foreign oil imports by as much as half by 2030 and cut carbon emissions through a process known as enhanced oil recovery (EOR) with carbon capture and storage (CCS), according to new analysis by Advanced Resources International (ARI). EOR with CCS would help drive domestic economic growth and ...

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