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Taxpayers will pay for Triumph rescue, Carnival tells senator

When asked if it intends to reimburse the government for the $779,914 it cost to rescue the Carnival Triumph, a cruise-line executive says it will not. The exchange came in letters last month between West Virginia Sen. Jay Rockefeller and James Hunn, Carnival’s senior vice president for corporate maritime policy, and was reported Friday by George Talbot of al.com. The ...

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Senator wants ‘Cruise Ship Bill of Rights’

  U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer of New York wants to command the high seas with a “Cruise Ship Bill of Rights” that would force the cruise ship industry to adopt a plan that would “guarantee sanitary conditions, backup power and medical staff in case of emergencies. Schumer’s plan was revealed after at least three incidents involving Carnival Cruise Lines in ...

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CARTER: Just another Carnival bummer

This Carnival business and its drifting ship of horrors is so not a surprise to me. Valentine’s Day or not, I don’t figure Carnival Cruise Line is getting much love from those poor souls aboard the disabled Triumph. With an engine fire having knocked out the ship’s power four days ago, they’ve gone with little or no food or bathroom ...

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Carnival cancels 12 more cruises on Galveston-based ship of despair

Carnival Cruise Lines has canceled voyages through April aboard the Triumph, a ship that has been plagued by mechanical problems in recent weeks and was finally left powerless in the Gulf of Mexico after an engine-room fire, the Associated Press reports.. Carnival’s announcement of the 12 canceled trips came Wednesday as the Triumph was being towed by two tugboats to ...

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