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Appliance ‘clunkers’ program off and running

The State Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program, after four months of development, kicked off last week. Essentially a cash for clunkers program for appliances, the program offers consumers who buy new Energy Star appliances rebates that range from $50 to $750, based on the price of the new appliance. Appliances have to be purchased on or after April 22 to ...

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Cash for Clunkers was fine if you’re a car dealer

Doug Wilson, a long-time automobile dealer in metro Jackson now based in Flowood, wrote a troubling commentary in this space in the Aug. 31, 2009 issue.  Though I certainly respect Mr. Wilson and his opinions, much of what he wrote in defense of the federal-government-knows-best “Cash for Clunkers” requires some further thought. Mr. Wilson bases his arguments in support of ...

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Cash for clunkers was good for all, even Polar Bears

Well, Cash for Clunkers is over and I want to give you an insider’s view and try to put the whole thing into perspective. First, a quick question: Which would you rather have?  An incentive to do what big government wants you to do … or a penalty or imprisonment?  For all the criticism about Cash for Clunkers, you probably ...

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