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Saudis OK BlackBerries — at least for now

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — Saudi Arabia’s telecommunications regulator yesterday said it would allow BlackBerry messaging services to continue in the kingdom, citing “positive developments” with the device’s Canadian manufacturer. The Communications and Information Technology Commission’s announcement staves off, at least for now, a potential ban of Research in Motion, Ltd.’s, BlackBerry Messenger service in the country — a step which ...

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UAE to block BlackBerry service

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — The United Arab Emirates outlined plans yesterday to block BlackBerry e-mail, messaging and Web browsing services in a crackdown that could jeopardize efforts to establish the country as an international business hub. The government cited a potential security threat because encrypted data sent on the devices is moved abroad, where it cannot be monitored for ...

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China says Google operating within law

BEIJING — China renewed Google’s Internet license after it pledged to obey censorship laws and stop automatically switching mainland users to its unfiltered Hong Kong site, an official said today in Beijing’s first public comment on its decision. Google Inc. said Chinese regulators warned it might lose its license if it continued automatically rerouting users to Hong Kong, a Chinese ...

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China allows Google to keep license

BEIJING — Google today said Beijing has renewed the license it needs to continue operating a website in China, securing the search giant’s foothold in the country’s fast-growing Internet market despite tensions over censorship. The renewal of the license to provide Internet content had been in doubt due to the rocky relations between Google and Chinese authorities over hacking of ...

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Google continues to haggle with Chinese

BEIJING — Even if its stand against censorship leads it to close its search engine in China, Google Inc. still hopes to maintain other key operations in the world’s most populous Internet market. Google is negotiating to keep its research center in China, an advertising sales team that generates most of the company’s revenue in the country and a fledgling ...

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