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Cochran says Hagel should ‘not be denied’ Senate vote as defense chief

Several media reports have listed Mississippi’s Thad Cochran as among at least two Senate Republicans who will support allowing a full Senate vote to confirm Chuck Hagel as defense secretary. Late Thursday afternoon, Senate Democrats were forcing a vote to end debate on the nomination of Hagel, bringing to a head a showdown over the confirmation of the former Republican ...

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Decorated veteran Chuck Hagel deserves fair hearing

A week ago Monday, President Barack Obama nominated former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel as secretary of defense, calling him “an American patriot.” The prior Sunday, Sen. Roger Wicker tweeted that he would “strongly oppose” the nomination. “Chuck Hagel would be a divisive and disastrous nominee for SecDef,” read the tweet. Remarkable that Wicker took such an early, strong position against ...

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Read January 18 issue of MBJ

>> ROLLING THE DICE Mississippi gambles on technology developments some deem to be too risky— by Becky Gillette Also in this week’s paper: >> GOVERNMENT Hosemann to fight to keep 16th section lease oversight — by Clay Chandler >> EDUCATION Treasurer to push for financial literacy requirements— by Clay Chandler >> RETIREMENT PERS report raises points of contention— by Ted ...

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Wicker to oppose Hagel nomination

JACKSON — U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker, a Republican from Mississippi, says he will oppose the nomination of former Sen. Chuck Hagel to be defense secretary. Wicker is a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, which will hold confirmation hearings on Hagel’s nomination. Wicker says in a statement that Hagel has a flawed vision for America’s role in the world ...

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