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Kemper coal plant hearings wrap up

Public speaks out on both sides of the issue of whether ‘clean coal’ plant should be authorized On Feb. 5 the state Public Service Commission wrapped up its week-long resource hearings for a proposed $2.5-billion clean coal plant in Kemper County with a public forum at which more than 40 speakers were divided evenly on support or opposition to the ...

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MPC keeps natural gas projections 'confidential' and away from the public

After an attempt to keep updated natural gas price forecasts out of the upcoming Public Service Commission hearings regarding the proposed Kemper County coal plant, Mississippi Power Company filed the data confidentially with the Commission. In a November motion MPC said that the Commission’s request for additional natural gas price forecasts for the February resource hearings was vague and unnecessary ...

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The Kemper County Project

Mississippi Power’s parent company Southern Company, along with its partner, has developed Transport Integrated Gasification (TRIG) technology, which uses low-rank coals, such as the lignite in Kemper County. Low-rank coals have less energy per pound but account for half of worldwide reserves. Penny Burbank, of the Gulf Coast community activist group the Steps Coalition, said at the forum that although ...

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