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Entergy buys greenhouse gas in New York

NEW ORLEANS — Entergy Corporation has purchased 34,812 tons of greenhouse gas reduction credits from New York’s largest non-hazardous solid waste facility. The credits were generated from the capture and destruction of methane, a byproduct of waste decomposition. Seneca Meadows Inc. owns and operates the waste facility, which is located in Waterloo and manages an average of 6,000 tons of ...

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Carbon capture sequestration bill receives Barbour’s signature

The Mississippi Geologic Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide Act passed the Senate and last week received Gov. Haley Barbour’s signature. The bill, which was widely supported by the energy industry, says it is “in the public interest that… carbon dioxide be injected into and stored in oil and gas reservoirs and other geologic formations in a manner protective of waters of ...

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CO2 capture could boost Kemper County power costs

One of the main features of the proposed Kemper County clean coal facility are plans to capture and store as much as 67 percent of the carbon dioxide emissions, making it most likely the first integrated gasification combined cycle electric generating plants in the country with that capability. The captured CO2 would then be sold for use in enhanced oil ...

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