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PHIL HARDWICK: So, you’re thinking of running for mayor

With the March 3rd qualifying deadline only a few weeks away, decision time is drawing nigh for those considering running for mayor or other municipal office. To assist in that endeavor, we have put together a list of questions that should be answered by any person considering a run for mayor. The first question is the most important one because it ...

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BILL CRAWFORD — Beware of leaders with unchecked shadows

History tells us when those who yield to their shadow selves choose leaders of their ilk, calamity, often war, follows.   Carl Jung labeled the dark side of self as “the shadow.” His psychiatric research into personality found people to have inner shadows associated with feelings of guilt, fear, hate, anger, selfishness, etc.    Upon looking deeply into himself, C.S. ...

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BILL CRAWFORD: A New Year’s Resolution for state government

Resolved:  State government will only provide the services our people need and only tax enough to cover costs for these needs. Hmmm.   Many folks will unpack this resolution in different ways. Some will confuse “need” with “want.”  Others will severely limit the needs government should cover. Let’s shine a little light on this.    The 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution ...

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TODD SMITH — USA Today network building foundation on power of video

The USA Today Network – the nation’s biggest newspaper publisher – is jumping on the video train. The sprawling empire is shifting into high gear of transforming its more than 100 local media organizations into a single, cohesive whole – and video is a central part of that strategy. Late last year, it hired Joanne Lipman, the founding editor in ...

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BILL CRAWFORD — Pathways for unmotivated people become useless pathways

Pathways” is the popular word today for fixing broken, adolescent, and unsuccessful people.    Here are a few examples. At the federal level there are the Pathways out of Poverty Act, the National Institutes of Health Pathways to Prevention program, and the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention Pathways courses. At the state level there are Governor Phil Bryant’s Mississippi Works Smart Start Career Pathway, the Mississippi ...

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ON LAW — Changes announced for preserving, producing documentation for litigation

The Federal Court Rules of Civil Procedure recently been have amended to insert provisions which limit the scope and application of the rules related to the obligation of companies and individuals to preserve and produce documents and electronic information for use in litigation. Not all written communications must be preserved in perpetuity. But, when a party reasonably anticipates that a ...

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