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BILL CRAWFORD: Father of U.S. Constitution feared factionalism

  If our founding fathers could watch the malfunction of our state and local governments and the lack of reasoned discourse therein, what might they say? A good place to look would be the Federalist Papers. Huh? Oh that’s right. Besides some judges, scholars, and historians, few Americans today have a clue about the Federalist Papers or what they meant ...

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House proposes different school funding amendment language

JACKSON — Mississippi lawmakers on Monday proposed alternate wording for a state constitutional referendum on school funding, raising the likelihood of a showdown on the House floor as early as Tuesday. The proposed language was approved 8-4 by the House Constitution Committee, said Chairman Scott Delano, R-Gulfport. House Concurrent Resolution 9, sponsored by House Speaker Pro Tem Greg Snowden, R-Meridian, ...

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Voters to decide whether hunting, fishing is constitutional right

JACKSON — Van Allen has been processing deer meat and selling gear to hunters and anglers for 20 years in Mississippi and other parts of the South. Like many outdoors enthusiasts, he thinks hunting and fishing are birthrights that ought to be constitutionally protected. “As far as I am concerned anything that protects first our right to bear arms and ...

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Senators vote to restrict Hood's power to hire attorneys

JACKSON — Senators still support efforts to limit Attorney General Jim Hood’s power to hire outside lawyers. The Senate amended House Bill 211 and sent it back to the House yesterday on a 35-17 vote with little debate. The Senate would limit the share of a verdict that outside lawyers could be paid as a contingency fee. It would require ...

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Hood: Constitution ‘supreme law’

JACKSON — In response to a request from Rep. Cecil Brown, Attorney General Jim Hood has given his official opinion as to the ability of various state agencies and branches of government to operate and expend funds after July 1 if there is no appropriations bill passed in the Legislature. Hood wrote in part: “The Office of Governor has no ...

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