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Williamson has seen it all representing construction law

    Robert Williamson has seen it all.   Disputes. Contract termination. Professional malpractice. Defective workmanship. Accidents. Lender liability. Lawsuits.   Given the complexities of the construction process and the many business relationships that are involved in the building trades industry, it is inevitable that problems will occur.  Enter Williamson, a Jackson attorney who has practiced construction law for over ...

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Recovery MAP on the fast track

New company signs Board of Contractors   By WALLY NORTHWAY I STAFF WRITER wally.northway@msbusiness.com At one point in his life, Scott Gilbert had a serious, potentially life-threatening chemical dependency. He is convinced that if he had not gotten treatment and, just as important, had not been provided with exceptional monitors who made sure he stayed clean, he would not be ...

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