Mississippi Grown Cut Flower Association to educate businesses

By CALLIE DANIELS BRYANT When one pictures Mississippi fragrant magnolias come to mind as well as seemingly endless fields of cotton.  Now picture those fields but with bright flowers from floral shops all over the South: peonies, Asiatic lilies, dahlias and even sunflowers for cutting to sell to florists.  Thus was born the state’s inaugural Mississippi Grown Cut Flower Association, ...

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‘Green’ paint easier to define than to find in a store

By BECKY GILLETTE It may be easier to define green paints than it is to purchase them. While there are green paints on the market, it can be difficult walking into a paint store and getting good information about which products are the most green, said Dr. James Rawlins, associate professor of polymer science at the University of Southern Mississippi ...

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$87 million each for lead firms in 2010 oil spill litigation

NEW ORLEANS — A committee of attorneys involved in litigation arising from the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill has made its recommendation for dividing some $700 million in fees among 122 law firms involved in years of complex legal work. Two Louisiana law firms involved in the litigation from its early days each will get roughly $87.8 million if ...

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Snow-ing geese

On a rainy day last week, Bubba Simmons inspected his 5,500-acre farm near Hollandale in the Delta to see if his land was again being compromised. And, it was. The “vandals” are snow geese, whose numbers have been exploding since the mid- to late-1980s. It is a common sight in the Delta to see fields covered with thousands of the ...

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