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Push for equal pay for women comes back to life in House

Mississippi lawmakers are resurrecting a push for a state law mandating equal pay for equal work by women and men, but the outcome remains uncertain. Rep. Alyce Clarke, a Jackson Democrat, successfully amended House Bill 1241 Friday morning to insert an equal pay requirement. The original bill seeks to prohibit cities and counties from imposing certain employment regulations on private ...

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Pay equity is the law, but wage gap between men and women still exists

By BECKY GILLETTE Despite the fact that pay equity is the law, studies show women earn less money than men for doing the same work. This pay gap does not necessarily decrease simply because more women are achieving “bread winner” status, said Jaklyn Wrigley, a Gulfport-based attorney with Fisher Phillips, a national, management-side labor and employment law firm. “Technically, since ...

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Proposed equal pay legislation would end “daylight robbery on the job”

By BECKY GILLETTE When women get paid considerably less than men for doing the same work, it can amount to “daylight robbery on the job,” said Cassandra Overton-Welchlin, director of the Mississippi Women Economic Security Initiative, a project of the Mississippi Low Income Childcare Initiative. Those lower wages can be especially difficult for mothers because of child care costs. And ...

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Women in Construction program provides with a way to make a living wage

By BECKY GILLETTE Single mothers without skills training or a college education have a tough time supporting their families. Poverty is greatest in households headed by single women. Many have to work two or three jobs at minimum wage, and even then aren’t able to provide for all their families’ needs. Providing women with a way to make a living wage ...

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