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TODD SMITH — Fake news hurts trust in media, especially social

Controversies over fake news have damaged trust in media in the United States and elsewhere, but the impact is far worse for social media and online-only outlets than it is for traditional print and TV outlets, a survey has found. The research and data company Kantar, in a survey of 8,000 people in the United States, Brazil, Britain and France, ...

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Spreading fake news can result in fraud charges, SEC says

By BECKY GILLETTE On April 10 the Securities Exchange Commission  issued warnings for investors to be aware of fake news designed to drive up a company’s stock price. “When you read an article on an investment research website, be aware that the article may not be objective and independent,” the SEC said in an alert to investors. “For example, the ...

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TODD SMITH — Media must overcome onslaught of fake news

The presidential election turned the United States into a country of information addicts who compulsively check the television, the smartphone and the good old-fashioned newspaper with a burning question – what fresh twist could our national election drama and its newly minted executive producer-in-chief, Donald J. Trump, possibly have in store for us now? No doubt about it, Campaign 2016 ...

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