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Revolution, resolutions: addressing the Cuban situation

By JACK WEATHERLY  Several measures have been submitted to Congress in the past year that would restore trade with Cuba after 55 years of embargo after Fidel Castro led a communist overthrow of the government. Whichever, if any, that eventually becomes law would have an effect on the Magnolia State. The Mississippi Development Authority has set an Oct. 20 seminar ...

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Looking south for trade with Cuba

By JACK WEATHERLY  Mississippi is joining the hunt for “gold” in Cuba as the United States appears to be moving toward resumption of trade with the island nation 90 miles off the tip of Florida after a 55-year embargo. The nation of 11 million in so many ways is frozen in time, typified by 1950s autos that have been recycled ...

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U.S. Easing Decades-Old Restrictions on Travel to Cuba

WASHINGTON — According to the New York Times, the United States government on Friday will begin making it easier for Americans to travel to Cuba than it has been for more than half a century, opening the door to a new era of contact between neighbors that have been estranged longer than most of their citizens have been alive. The Obama administration ...

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CUBA — ¿si? or ¿no? Mississippi’s cigar lovers hold their breath

By Jack Weatherly Cuban cigars have become, for many Americans, the stuff that dreams are made of. That’s because the trade embargo imposed by the United States more than 50 years ago on the communist nation 90 miles off the coast of Florida has blocked legal sales in this country. Now President Obama has struck a match by re-establishing diplomatic ...

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