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FOREST THIGPEN — The truth about the Freedom of Conscience bill

mississippi capitol

If all the things being said by the opponents of HB 1523 were true, I would be against it as well. But they are not. Some opponents of the “Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act” make the outlandish assertion that this bill would allow a person to be “refused service at a restaurant, not allowed to shop at ...

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Transportation study group leader proposes $700M tax for roads, bridges

JACKSON — The leader of a Senate transportation study committee proposes the state should levy $700 million in new taxes to support road maintenance as well as some other non-transportation related projects. Sen. Willie Simmons, D-Cleveland, said yesterday that the proposal, which would be the largest state tax increase in more than 20 years, is only a starting point for ...

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Advocates want more flexible charter school bill

Charter school advocates believe this is the year for Mississippi to make progress in school choice through more flexible charter school legislation. In his first State of the State address, Gov. Phil Bryant said now is the time for Mississippi to pass a “workable” charter school law. A 2010 law passed by the state Legislature allows public schools that have ...

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Will Barbour Run?

JACKSON- Mississippi Center for Public Policy president Forest Thigpen thinks Gov. Barbour will launch a bid for the White House soon. He also describes the first 100 days in office of the next Governor of Mississippi and a few of the key issues the winning candidate would face.

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Hinds County "Defiant… Unresponsive"

JACKSON- Mississippi Center for Public Policy president Forest Thigpen explains his new project SeeTheSpending.org, a website that tracks hundreds of budgets in state and county government. He says that while most of Mississippi’s 82 counties have responded to public records requests, he’s still waiting to hear from Jackson.

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MCPP President On Redistricting

JACKSON- Mississippi Center for Public Policy president Forest Thigpen comments Wednesday on current redistricting legislation at the Mississippi State Capitol. This is the first in a special series of interviews with Thigpen.

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Parental freedom and educational nourishment

What if your city officials said to you, “As long as you live here, you will only shop at one grocery store — the one we choose for you.” If you could get past the arrogance and the restriction on your freedom, you might be able to live with that dictate as long as your assigned store had what you ...

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