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US stocks follow global markets higher after French election

U.S. stocks joined a worldwide rally Monday morning after election results in France over the weekend raised expectations that the European Union and euro currency will remain intact. A candidate seen as pro-business won the most votes in Sunday’s vote, and many investors expect him to win a runoff election against the remaining anti-EU candidate, which is set for May ...

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Global markets resilient in face of Paris attacks

LONDON — In their first response to the attacks in Paris, which killed 129 people, markets proved to be more resilient on Monday than many analysts had anticipated. Though Friday’s atrocities on the streets of Paris could hurt consumer sentiment across Europe in the short-term and raise concerns over longer-term geopolitical risks, investors are so far managing to hold their ...

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DAVID DALLAS: Wicker, Cochran and the Iran-a-Muck letter

Forty-seven United States Senators, including Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker, signed a letter recently to “The Leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran.” Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran did not. The letter set out to explain the nuances of our U.S. Constitution to “The Leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran.” The letter also described how the Senate might scuttle any agreement ...

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