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Senators: Congress, not EPA, should set energy policies

WASHINGTON — U.S. Senators Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) are supporting legislation they say will protect the American people from higher energy costs by halting Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) efforts to impose greenhouse gas regulations on industry. The Energy Tax Prevention Act of 2011 (S.482) clarifies that the EPA does not have the authority under the Clean Air Act ...

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Lawmakers considering underground carbon dioxide storage

JACKSON — Lawmakers are considering bills to allow and regulate long-term underground carbon dioxide storage, a practice proponents say will help increase the state’s oil production while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Senate passed a bill to set up a regulatory structure giving the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality the authority to oversee the process. The House version awaits a ...

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Study: Conventional agriculture 'greener'

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Advances in conventional agriculture have dramatically slowed the flow of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, in part by allowing farmers to grow more food to meet world demand without plowing up vast tracts of land, a study by three Stanford University researchers has found. The study, which has been embraced by many agricultural groups but criticized by ...

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Democrats give up on energy bill

WASHINGTON — Senate Democrats yesterday gave up plans to attempt to pass an energy bill that caps greenhouse gases blamed for global warming, abandoning a priority of President Barack Obama. Obama had hoped to add a climate bill to the two biggest legislative successes of his presidency, a comprehensive health care bill and a broad reform of the U.S. banking ...

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State taking EPA to court over greenhouse gas finding

JACKSON — Gov. Haley Barbour, on behalf of the State of Mississippi, has joined other states in opposing an EPA finding that is a precursor to the regulation of greenhouse gases. Barbour maintains that these regulations would unnecessarily harm the economy of Mississippi and the United States by causing energy costs to increase and placing U.S. employers at a disadvantage ...

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