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Mississippi sues landlords over Katrina loans gone bad

Mississippi is going after landlords and would-be landlords who promised to fix up property after Hurricane Katrina for low- to moderate-income tenants but failed to abide by the terms of their forgivable loan agreements. The Sun Herald reports the Mississippi Development Authority has filed 65 lawsuits and so far recovered $630,000 in funds the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban ...

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State’s highest court reverses decision in Windpool case

By JACK WEATHERLY The Mississippi Supreme Court has reversed decisions by the state insurance commissioner and Hinds County Chancery Court and ordered a reconsideration of Arrowood Indemnity Co.’s suit against the Mississippi Windstorm Underwriting Association. The company said it made an overpayment of nearly $5 million because it was misled by the association, known as the Windpool. The Windpool, composed ...

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Circuit clerk protects Hancock County’s records, history

By LISA MONTI Hurricane Katrina ripped open the roof off Hancock County’s historic courthouse and broke windows but most records inside the thick walls survived, thanks to some hurried preparations and a good bit of luck. But Circuit Clerk Karen Ladner Ruhr isn’t counting on luck to protect the old documents in her office, especially the marriage licenses that date to ...

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JACK WEATHERLY — Barbour’s book tells of Mississippi’s finest hour

The Flood of 1927 was the most widespread and disruptive natural event to happen to Mississippi in recorded history. The flood, which also inundated Arkansas and Louisiana along the Mississippi, has spawned many a book and many a tale. Now Mississippi has Hurricane Katrina as its greatest state tragedy, and its finest triumph, as Haley Barbour tells it in his ...

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SUMESH ARORA — Re-energizing after Hurricane Katrina

A s we mark the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and reflect on the past decade we hear many stories of courage, strength and of the unity we showed as a state.  One of the numbers which stood out in my mind was the number of people who lost electricity to their homes, offices or businesses: nearly four million, by some ...

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JACK WEATHERLY: Healing on the coast — A sunny mortality

BAY ST. LOUIS – We sit on the porch of our rental cottage two blocks from the Gulf. Palmettos embrace the screened enclosure with their large fronds resembling the human hand. Hence their name. It’s hard not to think we’re in paradise. Or should I say paradise regained? The lane is always quiet, but more so in the morning, disturbed only ...

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