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JOSH MABUS: Heating up the brand

The word brand gets thrown around a lot these days, which is exciting for me since I’m in the business of brand development and security. But I think the collective definition of brand is a little off. The best brands in the world are immediately identifiable. When I say Coca-Cola you see a white backdrop with red script (or the ...

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TODD SMITH: Ray Rice Crisis Sacks NFL Image, Identity

Wow, what a difference a week makes in the world of corporate branding. In the last Spin Cycle, we discussed some challenges the NFL faces that could tarnish its image – including the simmering Ray Rice crisis. That was before the full version of the Rice elevator assault video surfaced. Now, Roger Goodell and the NFL looks more like a ...

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Capital City hires consultant to work on negative image

JACKSON — For years, Mississippi’s capital city has battled a reputation as a place of blight, corruption and high crime. Now, Jackson officials say they have enlisted help to upgrade public perception of the state’s biggest city. A local advertising firm, Fahrenheit Creative Group, has been hired in a $45,000 contract, to create better vibes for Jackson. City Council president ...

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