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2012 biggest year for West Nile

The number of West Nile virus cases in the nation was the largest ever seen in 2012, which makes it particularly important for businesses to be alert to taking precautions to protect employees and customers from bites from mosquitoes that can transmit the virus that can lead to debilitating illness and even death. “Last year was a particularly bad year,” ...

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Oluwatade joins medical staff

  Olatunji J. Oluwatade, MD, MPH, has joined Infectious Disease Associates of Central Mississippi and the medical staff of Central Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson. He is board certified in internal medicine and infectious diseases and is trained in clinical epidemiology, hyperbaric and wound care, infectious disease and immunology and mycobacterium and respiratory infections. He completed his fellowship in infectious ...

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Get ready for one of the worst years ever for West Nile

An Associated Press story is predicting that 2012 could be the worst year ever in the U.S. for West Nile disease. 1,405 serious illnesses and 118 deaths have already been logged so far across the country, the highest numbers being in Texas. Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Michigan have also seen large numbers of cases. West Nile disease is ...

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