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BILL CRAWFORD — Christian behavior lacking in too many Republicans

Group calls for Nativity scene to be removed from Harrison County courthouse,” read the Biloxi Sun-Herald headline.    Seems a humanist, freedom-from-religion group wanted the scene removed because, “Nativity scenes in courthouses, like any blatantly religious display on public property, show government favoritism toward religion and to Christianity in particular,” according to Monica Miller, senior counsel at the Appignani Humanist Legal ...

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52% of Ms. GOP voters believe Obama a Muslim, poll finds

Where Mississippi Republicans are getting their facts is unclear, but it’s clear that the majority of them have their facts wrong. Here’s the dirty lowdown: President Obama is not a Muslim. Nonetheless, more than half of Mississippi’s Republicans voters believe he is a Muslim, even though he attended Christian churches for decades and has said time after time he is ...

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