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Congress Buries Anti-Piracy Legislation

TheHill.com technology blogger Brendan Sasso is reporting that Congress has given up on current anti-piracy legislation. House and Senate leaders decided Friday to squash votes on the Protect IP Act (PIPA) and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). The legislation which was “designed to go after foreign websites that offer illegal copies of movies, music and TV shows” lit a ...

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Google drops $2 million on Wikimedia Foundation

“Google has donated $2 million to the Wikimedia Foundation!” That was the big, albeit informal, announcement posted today on the Twitter account of Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales. The technology blogs are still buzzing about the search engine empire’s contribution to the non-profit charitable organization, famous for it’s massive online encyclopedia, Wikipedia. The grant will reportedly be used to make the ...

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Jimbo, King of the wiki people

If technology is responsible for leveling the playing field in everything from business and society to the marketplace of ideas, then Jimmy Wales is one of the movement’s most ardent groundskeepers. The founder of Wikipedia and the well-traveled face of its for-profit counterpart Wikia, was raised in Huntsville, Ala., by a grocery store owner and schoolteacher. He studied finance at ...

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