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JOSH MABUS: Bet on yourself; Bobby Bonilla did and won big

Bobby Bonilla-mets_feature_rgb

I have been a pretty loyal baseball fan since I was a little boy — mostly rooting for the San Francisco Giants. I can attribute most of this to Will Clark and his perfect swing. I was almost a Pittsburgh Pirates fan, though. The first baseball card I ever pulled from a package was Bobby Bonilla’s rookie card. It was ...

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JOSH MABUS: Don’t be overwhlemed by the whelm

One can be overwhelmed or underwhelmed, but what about just “whelmed?” I can assure you that being whelmed exists. People tend to talk about experiences that exceed expectations. This could be in the positive or negative. If you have overwhelming service, you’ll likely brag about it. If you’re underwhelmed by the quality of service, you’re likely to rail against it. ...

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JOSH MABUS: Thank you for letting me know you’re old

Anniversary sales are the worst. They’re the vestigial tail of marketing — outdated and unnecessary. Somehow they haven’t gotten the evolutionary hint that they’re no longer needed. This tactic leads the pack in a host of outdated practices that only benefit the media outlets where the ads are placed. What would you do if a complete stranger invited you to ...

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JOSH MABUS: Why I stayed?

I’m in love. I’m head-over-heels enchanted, enamored and enthralled. Who has such deep affection? It’s possibly an unexpected sweetheart: the great state of Mississippi. Does she have her blemishes? Sure, but love is blind, and any great love is worth working on. Much like my real-life-wife has extended much patience in our marriage, I choose to concentrate on the positives ...

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JOSH MABUS: Let the boys play

In the modern classic Remember the Titans, Coach Herman Boone’s eponymous team made it to the Northern Virginia Regional Championship game when they faced an opponent they hadn’t contended with before — dirty officials. Heavy-handed authority, with clear bias toward the opponent clearly skewed the game. The scene builds with beautiful tension as it becomes apparent that the talent on ...

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JOSH MABUS: Make your workplace a benefit

We often talk about employee benefits and how to get employee buy-in or retention—especially in small business—and we do it in a tangible, checklist sort of way. Conversations with potential employees revolve around insurance, IRAs, 401ks, vacation days, sick leave and items of that ilk. What if your workplace’s biggest employee benefit was the workplace itself? The Work One of ...

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JOSH MABUS: Make it in Mississippi

Mississippi has a storied history when it comes to making something new, creative and world renowned. I’m always talking about how innovative Mississippians are, especially when traveling out of state. I think there is just something in the water here. Or maybe like William Faulkner said, it’s because, “to understand the world you must first understand a place like Mississippi.” ...

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JOSH MABUS — Inbound marketing is fueled by wishful thinking

I have had many people try to convince me inbound marketing is the most effective tool for marketing in the online era, but I’m not biting. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, it basically says that through blogs, social media posts and search-engine optimization a business can attract strangers to interact with your information. If the content is ...

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JOSH MABUS: The overdue truth about Facebook

Facebook has become an inevitability in today’s business climate. And why? Because everyone is on it. Well, that’s not entirely true. Facebook has 1.9 billion mobile active users, which is impressive. And, 1.39 billion of those users are active over the course of a month, which means more people identify as active Facebook users than members of the Catholic church. ...

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