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JOSH MABUS — Whenever = when? never


We have a saying at Mabus Agency: “If it’s hard to do, it will never get done.” We call it the rule of wheNEVER. And if I’m honest, I’m not the first person to discover this phenomenon. A lot of people just call it human nature. We named this phenomenon as a way to remind ourselves to make things as ...

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JOSH MABUS — In the brand world, continuity, not content, is king


One of the oldest axioms in marketing is the Rule of Seven, which says it takes seven exposures to a brand or product before a consumer is comfortable trusting the brand, accepting the brand’s message or purchasing the product. Most people say the rule started in the ‘30s with Hollywood film promotion but it’s attributed to plenty of marketing experts ...

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JOSH MABUS — Experience – find your least common denominator


The Experience — does it set you apart? In a marketplace where most products and services aren’t unique, setting your brand apart can be difficult. This was the biggest concern of a group of bank marketers to which I had the pleasure to speak earlier this month at the American Bankers Association’s national marketing conference. This question kept coming up ...

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JOSH MABUS — If your website was an employee, would you fire it?


Who is frustrated by websites? My guess is that you are, if you are like the folks who ask me questions after a speaking engagement (or in the grocery store). The lion’s share of questions I receive revolve around the ever changing world of websites. Like so many marketing avenues, it seems that there are gurus who hold the information. ...

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JOSH MABUS — Ideas are IOUs


A big part of being a child in the South involves hearing stories and colloquialisms from your elders you won’t understand until much later. This is one I’m beginning to understand: Two birds are sitting on a power line. One bird decides to fly off. How many birds are sitting on the power line? One you say? No, there are ...

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JOSH MABUS — Video Streaming: new screens, new horizons, old wisdom


You’ve probably heard this year’s college football opening weekend was the most watched of all time. The Ohio State / Virginia Tech matchup was the third most watched regular season game ever. There was another record put on the books. It was the most streamed college game of all time with 708,000 viewers watching through the Watch ESPN online streaming ...

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JOSH MABUS — Give ‘em something to talk about


Word of mouth is the best form of advertising. We’ve all heard. Likely, we’ve all said it. I don’t believe this is true — or at least fully true. Word of mouth isn’t the best form of advertising. Word of mouth is advertising. This theory developed while I was waiting in line at a coffee shop. The fellow behind me ...

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JOSH MABUS — Hand in hand, small business and industry

small business

There seems to be a debate in many cities, in our own state and across the country. Do we invest in small businesses, which employ lots of people as a group but are individually volatile and have lower economic impacts? Or do we invest in attracting corporations, which can be demanding and hard to come by? We often talk about ...

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