Focused on new experience

In a competitive marketplace, one of the key opportunities for differentiation is to create a purposeful “experience” for the customer. Your customers are going to have some kind of experience, so the question is whether your organization is being proactive and purposeful to define and create that experience. Some companies who have created world-class “experiences” include Disney, Four Seasons and ...

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A renewal of innovation

In Microsoft’s early years, the company had a rigorous performance evaluation methodology. The highest score was a 5.0 rating, which was very difficult to achieve. While there were a number of rewards that came along with this rating, the most popular was that it meant you received a one-on-one meeting with Bill Gates. What Gates obviously understood is the power ...

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Bowdon finds niche for business

One of the attributes of great leaders is vision. They are able to clearly see and execute toward a vision of the future. We all face uncertainty and change. As a kid, I had one of those toy magic eight balls that you could shake and find your answer to any question. Unfortunately, no such magic answers exist. None of ...

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Priorities give Smith a life path

We live in a complex world. Organizations face a barrage of information and choices about how to proceed. The job of the leader is to make sense of all this and give direction. This involves the critical skill of clarification. I have found that great leaders know how to step back and sort through the complexity to create clarity and ...

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Bringing in measurable returns

I am pleased that we are seeing more organizations that are identifying and clarifying their core values. In other words, they are purposeful in thinking through what they stand for. Research has shown that values-based organization actually have measurable returns on the investment in being a values based organization. This return on values (ROV) can often be overlooked as a ...

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Having ‘Drive’

Cornell leads successful Triton organization One of the challenges of leadership is to build an organization where people enjoy what they do and actually want to show up for work and give it their best. This is no easy task and many organizations struggle with a “punch the clock” culture that ultimately results in mediocre performance and results. We are ...

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