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MBJ is off base when it comes to IPP highway

Editor, In your recent article, “Entergy agrees to give up control,” writer Amy McCullough states that some officials “believe that Entergy has neglected transmission system improvements and purposefully engaged in keeping IPPs off its energy transportation highway.”   What is left out of this point is that, in general, the independent power producers (IPPs) cannot profit by selling their power ...

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Government should stay out of oil recovery

Editor, I understand all the anger and devastation this oil spill has brought. But if the government “seizes” BP, it will then be the taxpayers who have to pay. Leave it to BP, which knows as much as anybody about deep-water drilling, to fix this. I’m afraid if the government seizes yet another industry, it will be a pure political ...

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Sardis project should get the go-ahead

Editor, Sardis Lake is one of four reservoirs built in Northeast Mississippi as a flood control mechanism. And it will continue to do just that. There should be no worries as to flooding the Delta with all the runoff systems in place along with the endless efforts and man hours the corps of engineers have spent to reinforce all the ...

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Building America means slowing down

Editor, With the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 creating new road construction and maintenance projects, as well as an aging infrastructure in desperate need of repair and expansion, work zones are beginning to appear all across this country. National Work Zone Awareness Week 2010, April 19-23, provides a good opportunity to think about the importance of the country’s ...

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Jackson should step up for Downtown Riverwalk

Editor, Thank you for your story on the downtown river project last week. We need for our leaders in Jackson to step up, as you say, to the plate to take care of our business for the next 30 years. If we keep working hand to mouth nothing will happen. Jackson leaders, I hope will have a vision for the ...

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The gun owners I know do not cause me fear

Editor, Your response to Sen. Merle Flowers proposed bill has little to do with being anti-business and nothing whatsoever to affecting or not affecting a recession.  The anti-gun rhetoric from the left is the same worn excuse it has always been.  Somehow an in-animate object is magically going to be a threat to society and peace-loving individuals.  Nothing could be ...

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