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LTE: With tax cuts, Gov. Bryant dismissive of least of us

  Editor, Gov. Bryant’s plan to cut taxes is an irresponsible and callous appeal to the worst instincts of Mississippians – personal gain at the expense of the greater good. Our state rates last or near last in too many categories to list and “extra” money could be used to at least make some attempt to address those serious issues ...

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IPPs want to sell for as much as possible

Editor, In the recent article on electric utility audits (“Mississippi PSC selects companies to perform electric utility audits” 10/31/2010), the reporter wrote, “In instances where an outside source, such as Independent Power Producer (IPP), can generate cheaper power, utilities are required to buy that electricity.” Typically, electric utilities are held to standards to provide customers electricity in a reliable and ...

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Solar energy is not as expensive as you think

Editor, In response to your story about lawmakers skepticism of solar energy (08/30/2010), many people think that installing a solar panel will cost too much money, but in reality, materials are relatively inexpensive and can be found easily. You’re going to have to get equipment for the solar panel, which is difficult. Some elements will have to be copper wire, ...

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Nevada man: Casinos are bad for business

Editor, It is a bad bet for local communities such as the one in Jones County, Miss., and states to rely on gaming to pay their bureaucrats’ salaries and budget deficits. I know, because I live in Nevada. Casinos can prove to be a net financial and motivational loss to communities; gambling losses do not contribute to local community businesses, ...

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Us fatsos have it coming very soon

Editor, I fear that we fat people are going to be vilified. In an effort to get the national health plan passed, the public will be told that fat people are the major cause of high medical costs in this country. There are some who are convinced that diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, warts, etc., are caused by being fat and ...

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Story doesn’t reflect banking perspective

Editor, I am writing in response to your Feb. 22 article (“Bye-bye Banks? Credit Unions Are the Hot Thing”) that contends that credit unions offer consumers a distinct advantage over banks. This article does not contain any comment from the banking industry. I write on behalf of Mississippi’s banks to provide important facts (not included in your article) that should ...

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