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MARK BLACKWELL — Retaining key employees


In large and small companies alike, the beginning of the calendar year often initiates the associate performance review process, an opportunity for business owners and leaders to provide commentary to employees regarding their accomplishments and shortcomings over the past twelve months.  This is also an ideal time for employees to provide valuable feedback regarding their own job satisfaction and career ...

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MARK BLACKWELL — Smart year-end financial moves

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Jan. 1 will not just mean the beginning of a new year. It will also mark the end of 2015 and your ability to take advantage of a few wise financial moves that, if you don’t use them soon, will be gone forever.  Take a few minutes to consider ways to maximize year-end opportunities for your finances by reviewing the ...

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MARK BLACKWELL — Business succession planning cannot wait


According to a Wells Fargo/Gallup survey of small-business owners, they work an average of 52 hours each week, over 30 percent more than a full-time employee.  More than half of these entrepreneurs have gone without a paycheck at some point to keep their company’s doors open.  They make these sacrifices because they know that a great idea, a strong business ...

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MARK BLACKWELL — A trip abroad may be cheaper this year


  If your family is like mine, you may be in the habit of vacationing in the same stateside location summer after summer.  There is a lot to be said for sticking with what’s familiar – locales where you know you will find amenities that everyone has enjoyed in the past and would likely enjoy again.  However, this may also ...

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MARK BLACKWELL — Retirement planning: It isn’t just financial

Quality of life in retirement is about more than how much money you have saved or how much income you generate.  Those are certainly important factors, but AgeLab, a research program within Massachusetts Institute of Technology to study ageing, has identified additional risks that can also diminish the quality of life for the elderly.  AgeLab asserts that these risks must ...

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MARK BLACKWELL — Diversification is challenging for business owners

Savvy investors don’t put their entire portfolio in a single stock, yet owners of privately held businesses often keep the bulk of their wealth in one enterprise – their own.  This concentration means that business owners face a myriad of financial risks that others don’t have to worry about. For one, if anything hurts the business’s revenue – an economic ...

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MARK BLACKWELL: Key legislative issues for business owners

With the mid-term elections behind us and Congress returning to Washington soon, business owners and operators are wondering what the new year may have in store for them.  Here are four key national issues that could affect how you run your business in the years ahead: Immigration Reform There’s ongoing debate nationwide over the need to overhaul U.S. immigration rules, ...

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Regions taps Blackwell

Mark Blackwell has been named senior vice president, area private wealth management executive for Mississippi by Regions Bank. He will direct a team of wealth advisors, while promoting the delivery of a broad range of wealth products and services, including trust and asset management, insurance, investments, deposits, credit and mortgage lending. Blackwell has more than 22 years of banking and ...

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