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JOSH MABUS — Shoutrage: Yelling instead of fixing


I love the way social media connects us all. It allows everyone to share his or her story on a broad platform. Facebook keeps up with all my family vacation photos and Twitter keeps a constant stream of headlines coming my way so I can pop in and out whenever I want. Instagram gives me small doses of art, and ...

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JOSH MABUS — Wasting time where there’s no value?


I have a love/hate relationship with trade shows. On one hand, I have a captive audience composed of the people who, on paper, are most likely to do business with me. On the other hand, not all are qualified, ready or willing to. When I started going to trade shows regularly, I discovered what I have since termed the Law ...

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TODD SMITH — Tech giants top the best global brands list for 3rd year


There’s yet another superlative to bestow on Apple: Best Global Brand. The company topped the annual Interbrand Best Global Brand report, followed by Google. The companies placed first and second for the third year in a row. Interbrand, a brand consultancy, determines 100 companies’ ranks by considering how much revenue they earn from a branded product, how effective the brand ...

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TODD SMITH — 7 ways social media can improve customer satisfaction


As many organizations already know, social media can be a powerful customer relationship tool, driving traffic to your brand. It can also damage your brand when not used properly. “Many brands have been severely damaged by not respecting social media, either by engaging on an ad hoc basis or simply having the wrong team or individual (or strategy) to manage ...

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JOSH MABUS — Struggling for content? Don’t create, try to curate


You haven’t posted a Facebook message in days. You haven’t tweeted in weeks. Your blog? Well, it’s got more dust on it than a phone book. Now you’re covered in cold sweat, staring at your computer monitor. You’ve been told engaging your audience through social media is important, but you have immense trouble creating content regularly. You want to bang ...

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JOSH MABUS — Video Streaming: new screens, new horizons, old wisdom


You’ve probably heard this year’s college football opening weekend was the most watched of all time. The Ohio State / Virginia Tech matchup was the third most watched regular season game ever. There was another record put on the books. It was the most streamed college game of all time with 708,000 viewers watching through the Watch ESPN online streaming ...

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